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Connected Devices

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Agile in all the right ways

Leveraging the power of Agile iterations

CI = Constant Integration
QA = Quality Assurance
ATP = Acceptance Test Procedures
Scrum: Daily Engineering Review
Sprint: Development Phase

The precision of Waterfall with the efficiency of Agile


The Efficiency and Power of Small Teams

- a team no bigger than two pizzas can feed

Jeremy Korn

Principal Technical Program Manager
UX Design
Product Management


Graphic Designer
Developers (2 max)
Quality Assurance

Kavih Williams

Principal - Engineer
Software Architect


Startups to Fortune 500

"If you ever have the opportunity of working with Jeremy and don't take it, you will be missing the chance of collaborating with a truly gifted individual. He brings infectious enthusiasm supported by a strong engineering based background that, as a team member, can help your organization propel themselves to levels otherwise unthought of. Be open to debate points and counter points as a welcome breath of unbiased technology "fresh air" to what might otherwise could have been a stale one-sided non-debate."

"Jeremy runs his business they way any owner should... with integrity, passion, and an eye towards innovation. We turned to Nucleus for a custom solution to our community of over 1 million users. Jeremy collaborated in the truest sense in designing the flow and look of the site and took a level of personal ownership above and beyond a typical developer. I haven't worked with someone as invested and meticulous as Jeremy, and continue to look to him as our sole developer as the site grows and new functionality is needed."

"It continues to be my pleasure to work with Jeremy. He combines a unique skill set, developing accurate product requirements while understanding the user's desire for ease-of-use when developing mobile and cloud applications. He is passionate and driven, but is also easy to collaborate with. Finally, he develops product design and technology that is united with marketing strategy and possesses a deep understanding of all three."

"Jeremy's talents in software and hardware design are exceptional. He listened to what we wanted, knew what we needed, and then developed a clear and comprehensive Product Requirements Document for our control systems. Jeremy was able to architect the database, design the User Interface and configure the hardware of our new Mobile and Cloud applications for seamless integration. Most impressive is his ability to understand and integrate complex, back end systems with a clean, simple User Interface that enables a simple plug-n-play system for our licensees and customers. He is creative, energetic, passionate and easy to work with! I look forward to working with him on future projects."

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